Mission Trips – We believe your prayer and support will be with us!

Our Mission Trips:
1. Prophecy: Prophesy in accordance to your faith (Romans 12:6)
2. Pastoring: Devote yourself to serving others (Romans 12:7)
3. Teaching: Devote yourself to teaching others (Romans 12:7)
4. Exhortation: Devote yourself to encouraging others (Romans 12:8)
5. Giving: Devote yourself to give generously to support needy, build the Church & Prayer towers, expansion of ministry plans and
other ministerial works (Romans 12:8)
6. Leadership: Lead enthusiastically! You will help them take possession of the land (Heaven) that the LORD will give them (Romans
7. Helping people in need: Devote yourself to Help cheerfully in people’s needs (Romans 12:8)
8. Prayer Partners: Praying for the World (Ezekiel 22:30)
9. Apostles: To equip God’s people to do his work, and build the church and the body of Christ (Ephesians 4:11).
10. Evangelists: Devote yourself to spread the gospel through evangelism (Ephesians 4:11).

We need your helping hand and committed heart to spread the Gospel, the End time prophecies and signs and about “JESUS SECOND
COMING” to all our beloved ones. So that we together can prepare many souls to meet our King Jesus Christ on the air. We believe your
prayer and support will be with us.

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