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Ready For Christ

Preparing a Generation for Christ's return

With a passion and zeal for the lost and hurting world,  and Holy Spirit God leading us with an Apostolic calling ‘Ready For Christ Mission’ is building bridges to Eternal Life from Ephemeral Life!

The Holy Spirit God is directing Ready For Christ Mission to “Prepare a Generation for Christ’s return”. Lifes are transforming, joy and celebrations instead of tears and depression! Healings and testimonies! and equip people to lead a life closer to God, their creator who can make them a Warrior of the most High God! to Lord Jesus Christ be the glory and honor forever. Amen!


A Vision from the Lord creates a mission from heaven.

since 2016

On 11th of November 2016  God visited me with a vision which was a waring about Rapture! In my vision I was gazing at the blue sky and a piece of cloud is set apart. I saw the word “REJOICE” rotating and coming down from the sky, then the trumpet sounded and the many dead rose and were lifted up. Overwhelmed with joy I am waiting for my turn to be lifted up I tried to lift myself up, I jumped and jumped and jumped only to find out the rapture is completed and I am left behind. Very dishearten I started moving out of my house and saw few more known people lost their rapture. Soon after that I felt a hand holding my right hand and taking me to a believer’s house. As we started praying, the evil spirit inside the believer couple started to manifest, then we casted it out and encouraged the couple to pray more in the Spirit and put on the whole Armour of God. Also to hold on to their faith and wait for Jesus Second Coming!



Journey with the Holy Spirit cannnot be explained but experienced! His Acts surpasses all human understanding. Our aim is to be led by Him in reaching out and helping people along the journey. It's the mighty hand of the Most High God working behind this vision, reaching 2.2million+ lives, 98+ Countries, making 360+ Prayer Warriors, 19+ Leaders across the globe.
Gospel is reaching out by Church ministry, Evangelism, Youth meetings, Holy Spirit Rally’s, General meetings, Emails, Social media's, Telephonic calls/texts.

Pastoring and Evangelism

Preaching the gospel with the intention of sharing the message and teachings of Jesus Christ.

Healing and Deliverance

Helping people overcome sickness, bondages, negative behaviors, feelings & experiences.

Counselling and Life Coaching

Assist & guide in resolving personal or psychological problems & to enjoy life in its fullness. Life is a Gift of God.

Care the needy and the Poor

Comissioned to eagerly help the needy and poor n all aspects of Life as it is a commandment from the Lord.

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In His Service

Man Of God

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Rev. Daniel M Dayanand

Founder - Ready For Christ Mission
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PAS. Shara Daniel

Exe. Director - Ready For Christ Mission
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Rev. Antony Cruz

Founder - Elim Ministries

Rev. Silas

Founder - Breakthrough Ministries

Rev. Mitchell D Moore

Founder - GSDG Ministries

Eva. Sumangala Banna

Founder - Shunem Ministries

For Breakthrough Prayer & Counselling

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Our Testimonials

We are glad to hear People say 'Ready For Christ' brings joy and helps them to have strong fellowship with the Holy Spirit across the globe.